NEW – Acapellas & Synths Pack

Alone or together with the already sensational Memphis Mega Pack, this pack is an excellent tool for creating Memphis Rap of any style and complexity. The set consists of a library of Memphis Rap acapellas, cleaned and prepared for remixing, suitable for both professionals and beginners.
Also, there is a library of musical instruments synthesized by DJ Sacred and his colleagues, made for combination with already existing samples and vocals. The main goal in creating the instruments was to try to reproduce the synths of the 90s, which were then used in Memphis Rap production.
The kit also includes mixing and track making lessons that show you how to mix sounds together and create an authentic sound, how to recreate cassette sound with a minimum of equipment, and much more.


Memphis A-Z Summer Bundle – The biggest Memphis Rap sample pack ever created combined with acapellas and synths pack. Perfect solution for making music for a extremly low price

Memphis A-Z Mega Pack – The biggest Memphis Rap sample pack ever created. We’ve processed more than 60 gigabytes of Memphis Rap music and cut it into drum, melody, and vocal samples. From 8 Ball & MJG to Z-Dog, we’ve compiled the most complete library of Memphis Rap samples. All samples were cut manually by DJ Sacred. The pack also includes projects for FL studio with mixer presets and manuals for music production.

6000+ TRACKS


Q: What’s the format of samples? Are they compatible with my OS?
A: We provide lossless WAV audio samples, although most part of the source material was encoded in 128/320 kbps MP3. We also provide compatible formats for MacOS at your request.

Q: What was the method for cutting samples and loops?
A: All samples were cut manually and single-handedly by DJ Sacred.

Q: I liked the track but I’d like to find another sample from it. Is this possible?
A: All samples were named after the original tracks. You can find the exact track through Memphis Rap archive which is also provided with the pack.

Q: Can I use the samples provided in the pack in my music for free?
A: All materials provided in this pack are only for education\research purposes. We highly recommend you to do the sample clearance or contact copyright holders before releasing any kind of music with these samples.